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The JFO Difference


Would you like your technicians to be prepared when they go into the field? At JFO, we know the importance of product knowledge.

Extensive Parts Inventory

When you purchase equipment from us, you can expect to get worry free ownership with it. Our inventory is built up of the most analyzed parts for when you need to keep your system up and running.


This can be a very stressful step in your process. Between our team at JFO, factory trained third party technicians, and direct employees for the manufacturer, you can be confident that your startup will go smoothly.

Warranty Assistance

We pride ourselves on customer service and building relationships. Our team is dedicated to our customers for the life of their product. Our policy has always been to support the manufacturer’s warranty. We understand that equipment can become over worked and need care at times. Warranty claims can be hectic and costly if not processed correctly. If a warranty claim arises, please know that we are on your side and will make sure to assist you and make your experience as smooth and trouble free as possible.

Timely Pricing

Pricing can in some cases be the most important factor in the purchasing process. When you need a price, rest assured you will have it not only quickly but calculated properly.

Lunch & Learn

JFO offers a variety of efficient lunch and learn courses to expand your team’s product knowledge while keeping your tight schedule in mind. Call or email us today to schedule a session!